Fascinating Cruises and Expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic

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Zelfa and Gunnar

Zelfa & Gunnar

Are Brazilians with several expeditions’ experience to Antarctica & the Arctic who invite you to share their polar adventures and cruises. Between us we speak fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish, and German.

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It is the fourth largest continent in the world. During the winter doubles in size by the large amount of sea ice that forms on its periphery. Over 95% of Antarctica is covered with ice, which contains about 90% of all fresh water in the world.
Chopper and camping in Antarctica

Since 1997 we have travelled to the most extreme corners of the Polar Regions on board of various icebreakers and ice-strengthened vessels.
You can explore from an helicopter, zodiac, kayak, mountaineering or camping and observe the fauna: wales, seals and penguins.
air plane BAE 146-200 Plane Cruises Antarctica

Plane + Cruise

Now you can visit Antarctica by plane! and return in a cruise or viceversa.
Also Fly to the South Pole, Mt. Vinson, King George Island in a BAE 146-200 plane.

Istmus of Lemaire

Cruises to Antarctica
We offer a variety of options for Cruises during the autral summer, December to March. More than 50 departures from 8 to 23 days in the most relevant and comfortable ships. Different itineraries emphasize interests.

North Pole Arctic

North Pole and Canadian Arctic
The Arctic comes alive in July and August. Summer activities with continuous daylight, along with a rich collection of wildlife. Polar bears, musk ox, walrus, seals, whales and seabirds are just some of the animals that we see.
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"The trip was great, thanks you for everything". Meshy , Israel. On board of Sea Adventurer Dec 2012.

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We specialize in presenting slide shows to diverse audiences about our polar adventures .